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My Plans, God's Plans

I have really struggled with God’s plans over this past year.

It’s a lot easier to trust in God’s plans when they lead to health, prosperity and success. It’s so much harder when they reveal hard things-infertility, abandonment, death.

During this time I’ve found comfort in several stories of the Bible, particularly the story of Joseph.

As a young man, God have him a dream that he would be exalted above even his own family. Of course, his older brothers didn’t take too kindly to hearing such words from a little brother and their jealousy of him grew. The resentment continued to fester until they ended up throwing him in a pit and ultimately selling him into a life of slavery.

And yet, God was with him. As he traveled on the way to Egypt for a life of unknown servitude, when he rose to prominence as a servant in the Egyptian Potiphar’s house, and even when he was wrongfully thrown into prison, God was still there.

Looking over the lives of so many of these Bible heroes, none of them unroll in a straight path. Their lives take unexpected twists and seeming setbacks and yet, God reveals his plans through those things that just don’t always make sense to us.

After years of servitude and imprisonment, Joseph is given the position of second in command to only Pharaoh himself. Only God.

Maybe you’re going through your own time of life right now where you are struggling with God’s plans. They don’t seem to line up in a way that looks good and it’s hard to believe that He’s still got it all under control.

Can I just encourage you to keep trusting in Him? God is right there, in the middle of the pain, through the senseless of the situation, despite the continuance of the trial.

Everything God allows in our lives might not always feel good, but He will always work it out FOR good. And that’s a promise that you can stand on.


© 2019 by Allison Brost

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