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Turning Pain into Purpose

Right before Christmas of 2017 we went on a family vacation to Arizona. We took tons of photos-hiking, visiting the Grand Canyon, even just swimming at the pool.

After we lost Solomon looking back at those pictures was heart-wrenching. I was hugely pregnant at the time, ready and excited to have a new baby and with no idea that life was about to turn completely upside down. It all left me feeling like I wanted nothing to do with Arizona ever again.

Recently my husband and I were talking about how we wanted to remember Solomon’s first birthday which is coming up on January 22. I felt God remind me how we had helped an orphanage in the past and felt lead to do something similar in memory of Solomon.

I went ahead and did a google search to see where the greatest amounts of orphaned children in the US were. And can you guess what came up? Arizona.

It’s amazing to me how God wants to redeem even those “little” things. You see, I had a hard time even looking back at those pictures. But God wants to use that pain for His purpose.

I called an organization there that helps orphaned and foster care children and was able to share our story. As we spoke, the volunteer on the phone began crying.

Just last year their organization gave out more than 3,000 pajama kits for orphaned and displaced children so they have normal bedtime essentials when their living situations are unexpectedly changed. Whatever money we donate will go directly to these kits and specifically for children sizes newborn to 2T.

Now, for those who know me well, you know I am not one to sell anything. I despise making people feel like they need to buy or do anything! But I am sharing this because I think it’s an awesome opportunity to be blessed in giving.

If you are interested in helping out, there are a couple different ways you can get involved. You can donate directly to OCJ at and make it in memory of Solomon. Or you can go pick out pajamas yourself and send them in.

I will also be sending in a box of pajamas and donations if you would find it easier to be involved that way. Private message me and I’d be happy to give you my address.

Most of all, please keep this in endeavor and us in prayer as we approach some big milestone dates that are going to be really emotional around here. I’ll keep everyone posted with more details and am so excited to see the impact we make on these kids who are in need.

Love you all, Allison


© 2019 by Allison Brost

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