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Beautifully Broken

Several months ago I remember seeing a picture of a cracked piece of pottery. The thing about it that caught my attention was not that the piece was cracked, but rather that it had been so painstakingly and perfectly put back together.

Through each of its hairline fractures, a gold-dusted lacquer shone through and cemented the pieces into place. From those otherwise discarded fragments, someone with a vision had created an entirely new and beautifully broken piece of artwork. It’s a Japanese practice known as Kintsugi, and it took on a whole new meaning to me in the past several weeks.

After Solomon died, I felt so broken. Totally shattered. My hurt had been crushed in to so many pieces I thought that there was no way I would ever be good for anything again.

I had so many questions. So many doubts. And they just further added to my brokenness.

If I truly trusted Jesus, wasn’t it wrong to have questions? Could I have doubts while at the same time have faith?

In the past, I used to believe that I had to be nearly perfect to be an example. That if I ever struggled or doubted or failed, God couldn’t be honored.

It was as though I imagined listening to someone’s testimony about their marriage and hearing that the secret to their happy marriage was that they were simply “compatible.” They always made their significant other’s coffee or kept remembering to dance in the rain or had some indescribable spark that indicated to them that they really married “the one.”

And in all that I was left feeling let down. That somewhere along the line I had married the wrong person or maybe I was the “wrong” one.

But really, can someone who’s never suffered or gone through trials truly be an encouragement for those who feel like they’re just barely holding on?

So, I guess I want to encourage you, just as much as I am reminding myself. Perhaps that brokenness is exactly where God wants you to be right now. Maybe God hasn’t forgotten you.

Right now your life might look like the before pictures of that piece of pottery, shattered and in so many fragments that you wonder how anything beautiful could ever come out of it.

But maybe God is getting ready to make something new out of you. And every little scar, every broken piece, will be held together by the very glue of God himself.

Maybe God has allowed you to be broken, so He can shine through.


© 2019 by Allison Brost

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